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XES: Why Church Girls Tend To Get It Backwards...And How To Get It Right

"Great sex is less about how we position our pelvis and more about how we position our heart"

In a society where it seems sex is talked about everywhere but within the four walls of the church, and is sizzling everywhere except the marriage bed, it appears we may have a problem on our hands. With her signature warmth and transparency, Joy takes on the myths and mysteries of sex and marriage within the Christian subculture.
Through the lens of raw faith, and with the compassion of one who’s tasted the shame and regret of sexual brokenness, Joy sets out to debunk some of the lies we believe, expose truth we may have missed and, with refreshing candor straight from the trenches of motherhood, she encourages us to wholeheartedly pursue God’s best for our marriages.

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XES by Joy McMillan | Paperback

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